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Working as a sophrologist, hypnotherapist and personal development coach for several years, my specialties relate to the management of stress and emotions as well as the transformation of the "Self". My role: to guide you to allow you to become aware of your inner jewel and the unique person that you are.

To help you gain serenity and develop fully - whether in your personal or professional life - I rely on techniques recognized for their effectiveness, from sophrology and hypnotherapy.

During our discussions, you will quickly realize that most of the daily difficulties (ill-being, relationship problems, difficulties at work, lack of motivation, loss of joie de vivre, illness…) stem from unresolved injuries , and that it is possible to create a more harmonious existence.

We will go together to discover your inner Self, guided by the big questions of life:
Who am I ?
Who could I be?
What is life?
What is my connection with others and with nature?
What is my mission?
What is my place in this world?

Do you encounter difficulties in your personal or professional life? Do not hesitate to request my services: I will offer you the method adapted to your needs as well as tailor-made support.


  • Sophrology session (1 hour): 60 €
  • Hypnotherapy session (1 hour): 60 €
  • Personal development coaching (1 hour): 60 €
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