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Presentation of the health professional

After a rich and varied professional experience of 20 years in the fields of communication and the arts, I have developed a keen sense of inner listening to others and a great ability to adapt to the problems .

My objective ? Reveal voices and pathways. Indeed, today I support leaders, elected officials, teachers, students and artists, in team development and individual coaching.

Release on June 7, 2018 of my first book – TOUVER SA VOIX ET FAIRE SON CHEMIN – Published by Editions EYROLLES.

Voice coaching focuses on two main areas:

1/ Change centered on the management of elements external to the person, that is to say both everything that is visible, the transformation of their apparent behaviors, the obtaining of immediate results in response to what is requested by a third party, for example within the framework of the company.

But also :

2/ An accompaniment that will go through a rebalancing of voice, attitudes and frame of reference to lead to more know-how, autonomy and self-confidence.

In all cases, the vocal coach will assess with his coachee, the nature, extent and preferred orientation of the expected support.

The sessions will be an opportunity to come back and discover certain tools of comfort and well-being for a better voice, to appropriate them in an optimal way. It is also for the trainer to identify where his blockages are, the avenues of work to deepen and improve… – Various exercises for learning vocal programs will be proposed and carried out

  • Know how to vary its volume
  • Ask your voice
  • Vibration exercises / Breath / Posture
  • Know how to give strength and relief to a text / an oral presentation
  • Accuracy and vitality / Diction articulation / Vocal rhythm

Who is it for ?

This is dedicated to all people who want and are curious to express their voice in a different way.

Bring added value to your public speaking, interviews, meeting facilitation, etc., by adopting the right posture.

What will you discover?

You will learn to discover and get to know your voice better through vocal coaching exercises.

Objectives and Benefits

  • Finding your balance: “A voice and a body in harmony”.

Unlock blockages. Highlight your strengths. Knowing how to occupy your intervention space: bodily and emotional intelligence. Non-verbal communication

  • Learn to master your vocal instrument to communicate better.Develop your charisma and power of influence through self-confidence. Adapt your posture.
  • Look for an adequacy between the word and the message to be conveyed. Bring added value to all your public speaking.

My mission

  • Recognize, Discover, Capture your talents.

My watchwords

Benevolence, Excellence and the pleasure of transmitting.

Here are some examples of references:
Temporary worker at the ECOLE DES MINES PARIS-TECH;

Voice off

I also lend my voice to various directors of documentaries and reports.

References :

  • You Tube channel “Common Inside Books” Learning simply while having fun. The story of Cleopatra, the great queen of Egypt, adapted to neurodiversity (dys).
  • France 3 Sud and France Television (Eurozigzag, Chroniques d’en Haut, etc.), Toulouse (31)
  • Tétra Média and Maha Production (France Télévision, Arte & Canal+), Paris
  • Clairsud Films d’entreprises (Groupama, Musée du Vélo de Bagnères de Bigorre,…), Toulouse (31)

At the same time, I am still pursuing my artistic activity as a singer-songwriter under the pseudonym of TYNDIAYE, and also a chorister with the Chœur Gospel de Paris for Pharrell Williams, TV shows on France 2 and Canal+ and for Nicole Croisille at the Casino de Paris. .


  • Session (1 hour): 150€
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