Christelle DATI

Speech Therapist

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Presentation of the health professional

Speech therapist graduated from the Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège in Belgium in 2012, I first carried out internships in a hospital environment in order to obtain my authorization to practice in France. Installed in a liberal practice for more than 7 years, I opened up to telespeech therapy in 2020.

Since speech therapy is already very diversified in terms of practice, new methods have arisen in teleconsultation. Already very close to my patients, I was able to take the time to pass on my knowledge to them while adapting to their environment, their lifestyles, the equipment available to them…

One can think that the distance induces limits, I found vast possibilities there.

More and more children require speech therapy for learning disabilities, which is why I am specifically trained in logico-mathematics, a field that is often in line with other disorders.

I also enjoy working with adults with neurological disorders. The support is global, the relationship strong.

Speech therapy is rewarding for both the patient and the therapist, so see you soon!


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