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Graduated from the Haute Ecole de Liège, I work with children and adults with various speech and language disorders, dyslexia and dysorthography, voice disorder, swallowing disorder, neurological disorders or genetic syndromes, for nearly 10 years.
Having benefited from training in the fields of attention, memory and written language disorders with Elisabeth Nuyts, I have acquired experience that allows me to better understand the care of patients.
When I arrived in Kuwait, I discovered that, due to expatriation, many patients did not receive the care they needed. Telespeech therapy is the best solution and I wanted to take part in it.
Among the many qualities of telespeech therapy, I will retain those that seem to me the best and will allow you to better understand my way of working:
The patient quickly feels confident, he is an actor and shares his expectations. I like being able to listen to him and orient my rehabilitation according to his needs, adapting my working method to what suits him best.
Contact with patients’ relatives is very frequent. I can transmit and share what is done in the session. They are very interested in this care and in the face of this relationship between the therapist and his parents, the patient is all the more motivated, an important factor for success in rehabilitation.
Having worked in specialized establishments, I was able to realize the richness of multidisciplinary teamwork and I attach great importance to sharing the work provided with the patient and the care provided. I like to set up ‘tele-meetings’, when relevant, with teachers and various stakeholders.
I am happy and honored to participate in the well-being of patients, wherever they are in the world!


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