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I am a French speech therapist, holder of the Certificate of Capacity for Speech Language Pathologist from the University of Nantes as well as a License in Psychology from the University of Angers.
Since 2014, I have worked mainly in a liberal cabinet in the overseas departments, until today where I live in Panama in Central America.

I was thus able to discover a multicultural and bilingual population as well as to work in close relation with partners: teachers, doctors, psychologist, paramedical professionals.

With my professional experience which has allowed me to work with an audience of all ages: 1 year to 95 years old and ranging from small difficulties to major disorders-pathologies (oral and written language, reasoning, stammering, stroke, neurological disorders, swallowing, voice, autism, disabilities, neurodegenerative pathologies ...) and also my rich and complementary university course and my many training courses: stuttering, dysphagia, logical-mathematics, autism ... I love my job and I practice it with enthusiasm .
My wish is to make speech therapy accessible to all French speakers living outside France.


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