Virginie MAZUEL

Speech Therapist

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Presentation of the healthcare professional

I am a French speech-language pathologist by training and have a long experience with children and adolescents, who often evolve abroad and / or in a multilingual environment (French / English, Chinese, Malaysian, Danish ...).

Expatriate in Australia since 2013, I have been practicing telephony for a long time, in connection with French high schools abroad, particularly in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. I also work closely with parents, teachers and other therapists.

Before joining the DisMed team, I worked in liberal (variety of oral and written pathologies) and also in a bilingual French / English school in Australia.

Mother of 4, I have the experience and the habit of establishing an interactive relationship with children.

I can do checkups, diagnose a speech disorder (oral or written) and rehabilitate if necessary. My re-educations are diverse: speech difficulties / delays / oral or written language, dysphasia, stuttering, rehabilitation of articulation disorders, dyslexia-dysorthography, logical-mathematical disorders, cognitive disorders, etc.

With my expertise and my international experience in tele-speech therapy, I am at your disposal for a first appointment.


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