Our secure teleconsultations application

Our secure teleconsultations application

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DisMed uses a teleconsultation application that meets all health data security standards (end-to-end encrypted data).

Our software allows you to put you in touch audio / video directly with your practitioner the day and time of your teleconsultation.
You will receive, following your request on our site, an email confirming your teleconsultation also explaining how to install our application on your computer (PC or Mac) in a few clicks.

Our software allows our practitioners to:

contact the patient at the day and time of his teleconsultation
share windows and documents to do the necessary exercises with the patient
give the patient control to interact directly on the exercises proposed by the practitioner
directly transfer documents directly to the patient (working documents, reports and reports, etc …)

Once the application is installed, you just have to be “connected” to do all your other follow-up sessions with your practitioner, simply.
The application, moreover, automatically starts when you start your computer.