When do I need to pay my consultations?

When do I need to pay my consultations?

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Regarding assessments:
For any assessment request, DisMed asks you to pay the corresponding fees (thanks to a direct and secure payment link, sent automatically by our system) to receive, after your teleconsultation, your official report written by your practitioner .

in case of non-payment: if the assessment is not settled, the practitioner is entitled not to send you your official assessment report, the time to receive your payment. The follow-up sessions that may be set up following the teleconsultation will also be suspended.

Regarding the sessions:
For all follow-up sessions, DisMed sends you at the end of each month a monthly invoice (of all the sessions performed on the current month). You have 7 days, from the date of receipt of the invoice, to pay the practitioner’s monthly fee.

in case of non-payment: for sessions, if the monthly bill is not paid within the allowed time, DisMed reserves the right to suspend your Patient account, as well as your teleconsultations. Your practitioner and our legal department will be notified.