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After graduating from the high school in the province of Liège (Belgium) in 2006, I obtained my equivalence in France in order to practice on Reunion Island.
I opened and maintained my practice there for seven years. Then the desire to enrich my practice has led me to make replacements in recent years.
I was thus able to perfect my knowledge in areas such as oral language, written language and logical-mathematics.
I have practiced in more specific areas such as dysphasia, oral disorders, autism, deafness working in an IMP as well as with children with high potential.
I also work with adults with neurological or functional pathologies (aphasia, Parkinson's disease, dysphagia, dysarthria, voice…).
Today I work in collaboration in a group firm, after having experienced expatriation in the United Arab Emirates. I was able on this occasion to approach the problem of multiculturalism and its consequences on language learning.
Tele-speech therapy makes it possible to reconcile quality speech therapy and treatment accessible from home.


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