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A graduate of the Haute Ecole de Liège, I have been practicing speech therapy since 2014. Combining travel and speech therapy, I set out to discover Martinique for 3 years before settling in New Caledonia. Living on these islands has allowed me to discover new cultures and traditions and to work in a context of bilingualism.

During my 5 years of experience, I have been able to assess and re-educate patients of all ages, with various pathologies. I am used to working with adults with neurological disorders and children with written and spoken language impairments. I also re-educate atypical swallowing, voice disorders and logicomathematic disorders.

Dynamic and smiling, I will be delighted to share tele-speech therapy sessions with you!

Vous pouvez demander un premier entretien de 15 minutes avec ce praticien en choisissant le motif « entretien préalable gratuit » (* limité à 1 par an).


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