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What is an orthoptist and what is orthoptics?

The orthoptist is a health professional who works alongside your ophthalmologist to detect and rehabilitate binocular vision disorders. It’s like an eye physio, which offers eye rehabilitation sessions.
It is necessary to make the difference between the ophthalmologist who is a doctor specialized in ocular pathologies and disorders; the optician who takes care of the choice and the realization of the glasses; the orthoptist who works to correct ocular disorders through rehabilitation.

Who is orthoptics for?

For children of school age, for students, for adults.
From a young age to old age, poor coordination of the eye muscles can lead to decreased acuity of one eye, a vicious attitude of the head and a gaze that is often insistent because there is poor visual quality.

When to consult an orthoptist?

In case of headaches, when there is discomfort or blurring when reading, itchy or watery eyes, red eyes, fatigue linked to frequent use of screens, headaches, dizziness, postural pain, nausea, strabismus, vision double (diplopia). In case of strabismus, ocular paralysis with little possibility of improvement, the neurovisual can help achieve unsuspected performances.

Do I need a prescription to consult in orthoptics?

It is quite possible to consult without a prescription, but an ophthalmological assessment is necessary to assess the quality of the vision.

Does the orthoptist make a report?

It is necessary to start with an assessment which will make it possible to locate the source or sources of discomfort, to look for defects in the motor skills of the eyes and to evaluate the possibilities of treatment. There may be visual neglect that will only be detected during a precise orthoptic assessment.

Will there be a preliminary interview?

It is necessary to do an interrogation to assess the difficulties: family history and other health concerns, it is only with a complete picture that it is possible to consider a treatment plan.

Can the orthoptist follow up on all pathologies by teleconsultation?

Surprisingly many things are possible in teleconsultation. It is possible to see a convergence insufficiency, a strabismus, an attitude of the head, a spasm, a variation of the angle of a strabismus, a fluidity in the ocular pursuit
It is not yet possible in teleconsultation to have quantified measurements. It is not yet possible to work with prisms or corrective lenses.

How does an orthoptic session take place?

The orthoptist selects a certain amount of exercises depending on the patient.
With some patients, the zoom functions are used to note, for example, in visual discrimination or scanning. The speech therapist may also be required to use external software, or to use paper and pencil…
A check-up includes about ten tests. The duration is approximately 45 minutes to an hour. Then the orthoptist analyzes the written results sent to him by e-mail, and sends a personalized report to the patient.

An orthoptic rehabilitation session lasts on average 30 to 45 minutes, for each person the course is different there may be difficulties in reading and we can work on the obliques. There may also be a strabismus or muscular difficulties which may lead the practitioner to practice pursuit with a varying target. Very good results are obtained when there are dyscalculia or dyslexia disorders.

The neurovisual can be interesting to give a boost to a child with learning difficulties because the sessions are always fun and none are identical.

When an orthoptic check-up is recommended to you, it is important to have it carried out and to follow the rehabilitation sessions that may be offered.

Your eyes are precious, take care of them!

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