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Presentation of the health professional

EFT and Transactional Analysis therapist, specializing in parenting and child development. I receive private consultations for family or individual therapies.

My therapeutic approach
My approach is similar to systemic therapy and is part of brief therapies.
It allows a global understanding of the individual in his environment and the implementation of concrete tools aimed at rapid relief.

My training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Transactional Analysis complete my range of therapeutic tools and allow me to adapt to your situation.

Parenting consultations, family:
Specialized in parenting and child development, my knowledge of affective neuroscience offers new avenues for parents to make children fulfilled, empathetic and happy. During the sessions, I give them practical tools to set up a framework that is neither authoritarian nor lax thanks to proven and benevolent educational methods.

Individual adult consultations:
The brief therapies that I practice make it possible to act directly on the area of ​​the brain responsible for the emotional response and thus to relieve in one or a few sessions problems that may be old and deep. Beyond analyzing the origin of suffering, we focus on the present and concrete actions to achieve real change.

Why consult?
In children:
– sleep disorders (frequent awakenings, “little sleeper”, refuses to go to bed)
– behavioral problems (aggressiveness, opposition, violence, ADHD, frustration intolerance, withdrawal, OCD)
–anxiety, anxieties, phobias
– attachment disorders (refusal of contact or on the contrary BABI, difficulties in separating from the parent even for a very short time)

In adults:
-sleeping troubles
– anxiety disorders, phobias
– behavioral problems (violence or crying, difficulty managing your emotions, setting limits)
– relationship problems (with your children, your partner, your colleagues, your family, etc.)
-loss of self-confidence
– feeling of undergoing repetitive patterns (including relational) despite a strong desire to change
– you have followed one or more psychotherapies and despite your understanding of the origin of your ailments, you are unable to change things

Whatever the situation, empathic listening without judgment and in complete confidentiality remain my priorities.


  • Parenting and family consultations: €60
  • Adult individual consultations: €60
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