Speech therapist graduated from the Haute Ecole of the Province of Liège since 2006

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I am a speech therapist graduated from the High School of the Province of Liège since 2006, and I have three children. Before my studies of speech therapy, I realized a year of psychology at the university which allows me today to exercise taking into account the history and the personality of the patients. I can offer help with the management of emotions in the face of difficulties encountered .. I was able after my graduation to perform various replacements in structures and liberal, then open two firms in liberal. A group practice, and one where I practice alone. I propose the reeducation of various pathologies: oral language (access to the lexicon, syntax, articulation, flow disorders), written language (find the pleasure of reading and writing, transition to the written word, comprehension, training of the speed of reading, lifting of the confusion of sounds, reeducation of the spelling of use, grammar …) autism, neurological disorders, attentional and mnic disorders having an impact on the oral language and the apprenticeships. I can also offer you parental guidance to strengthen the elements of rehabilitation: acquiring certain automatisms to better understand the daily life about the difficulties of your child’s written and oral communication, advice and explanations about the pathology encountered, advice on supports to use, adaptations to set up at home and at school. With your agreement, a link can be made with various stakeholders (teachers, AVS, psychomotor, psychologist …). See you soon!

  • Session (30 min) : 80€
  • Speech therapy assessment : 200€