Audrey FABRE

Audrey FABRE

Speech therapist graduated from the school of orthophony of Nice

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Speech-Language Pathologist Graduated from the School of Speech-Language Pathology in Nice in 2002, I worked for a long time in the Paris region in a medico-psycho-pedagogic center for children with speech and writing disorders, and then in service. special education and home care services for children with behavioral disorders with associated disabilities. Trained in the Makaton method and the relational pedagogy of language, I was particularly interested in the management of pathologies of oral language in children.
Also holding a degree in neuropsychology (“neuropsychology: theoretical and clinical approaches”, Pr. Dubois, Faculty of Medicine Pierre and Marie Curie), my experience in recent years has focused mainly on the management of disorders of origin. neurological.
I currently practice in a private practice for children with speech and language disorders (articulation disorder, speech and language delay, dysphasia, language impairment in the context of disabilities) and adults presenting neurological pathologies (neuro-degenerative diseases, rehabilitation of aphasia, executive function disorders …)

  • Session (30 min) : 60€
  • Speech therapy assessment : 150€