Graduate of the Gabriel Decroix Institute of Speech-Language Pathology, Lille

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Graduated from the Gabriel Decroix Institute of Speech-Language Pathology in Lille, I later worked in liberal practices in several regions.
My great mobility allowed me to meet a wide variety of situations, both in socio-cultural and sometimes linguistic aspects, as well as in the diversity of pathologies and the numerous cases
individuals encountered
I was also made aware of the problem of access to care and inequalities in this area, by exercising in areas with sometimes 2 to 3 years of waiting to have a first
appointments, or even no new addition accepted on the waiting list because of its length, when in other regions on the contrary professionals are too many and do not fill
not their schedule. In this context, tele-speech has a lot to offer.

In perpetual renewal of my knowledge (trainings, documentary research, exchanges between colleagues), I am attentive to the scientific advances and the new approaches of which
the effectiveness has been proven.

I usually receive children with: dysorality, articulatory disorders, atypical swallowing, speech delay, language delay, deafness, logico-mathematical disorder, acquisition disorder
of written language, dyslexia, dysorthography, stuttering, Invasive Disorder of Development (autism, …). Regular contact with parents (parental guidance) is beneficial, and is
often essential for the good evolution of the child.
I also receive adults: voice (including Parkinson’s disease), dysarthria (ALS, MS, …), deafness (lip reading, cochlear implantation), stroke and traumatic brain injury, pathologies
neurological degenerative (Alzheimer, …).

  • Session (30 min) : 60€
  • Speech therapy assessment : 150€