Speech therapist graduated from the University of Paris Salpêtrière

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Graduated since June 2007 from the University of Paris Salpêtrière.
Having passed my BAC L in 1999, I then started studying art history at the Sorbonne, which I finally stopped to go to the USA, NY, as an au pair. I took care of a young child with autism (for an american family) and I attended / attended all his care. I am married to an American and therefore speak and understand the American fluently.
On my return I prepared the speech therapy competition and in parallel I validated a DEUG of language sciences.

From July 2007 to July 2013: I practiced in my own practice and part time in an IME for very deficient autistic teenagers (2007/2011) and then in an EMP for psychotic children and adolescents (2011/2013)
From August 2013 to July 2018: an exclusive Liberal exercise in Orléans, associated with an occupational therapist and another speech therapist. I took part in the AVAL network for the follow-up of premature children at risk of learning disabilities
Since August 2018, I have been working as a collaborator in Reunion, Saint Pierre.

I am trained in many areas (validation of training in support):
– in mathematical cognition: reasoning disorder and dyscalculia (Cogi Act, Dall Agnol, Ménissier)
– in early management for oral language and communication for children with or without associated disability: Makaton training, and around autism via EDI + Cogi Act in children without language
– in written language: training redone in August 2018 on dyslexia + sensitivity to pragmatics (I made my thesis on group caregiving around social scenarios inspired by Carol Gray, for Asperger Adolescents) + balance sheet training EVALO / EVALEO for a better differential diagnosis disorder / delay
– I validated in June 2017 an IUD between 2 universities Paris / Lille on disorders of food orality
– I also trained a little on the therapeutic tale with Mr Lafforge
– Finally, I am trained for adult dysphagia and functional disorders of the voice, in adults and in children.

I am passionate about art (painting, sculpture, theater, photography, dance) and am always curious to discover new horizons; I try to include it also in my practice. I am also particularly interested at the moment in benevolent communication.

  • Session (30 min) : 60€
  • Speech therapy assessment : 150€