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Online psychology: For whom, when and why?

Whether you are adults, teenagers or children, the reasons that lead to the practice of a psychologist are varied. Anxiety, anguish, depression, lack of self-confidence, obsessive disorders, neuroses, phobias, couple problems… You do not feel well and this discomfort persists. Now is the time to consult a professional.

The consultation is necessary when the person’s troubles prevent him from having a satisfactory social life. This concerns both professional and personal relationships. A medical prescription is not necessary to consult.

What to do when you are in expatriation? Find a good balance? When should we consult?

A psychologist will listen to you without judgment and help you feel better, analyze the situation to identify the problems and advise on psychological help methods such as therapy.

When should an adult psychologist be consulted?

We are not equal in the face of a shock and there are several reasons why you may feel unwell. You have experienced a trauma (illness, work accident, verbal aggression, bereavement…), you suffer or think you suffer from a disorder…. You are unable to put words to your ailments (anxiety, bipolarity, anorexia, depression, addiction). Managing your stress seems impossible to you (​​insomnia, lack of organizationn, mood swings, depression, suffering at work…)

unexplained physical ailments of long date or which appear suddenly because faced with a psychic malaise , our body sends us a message (headache, stomach pain, dizziness, palpitations…) You want to question your failures or the unhealthy relationships that you repeat or take stock of your personal or professional life… quite simply

Why a Psychologist for Teens?

The job of an adolescent psychologist is to help them cope with a change (the passage from childhood to adulthood), a situation that creates behavioral problems for them and which can be exacerbated during an expatriation. Leading to difficulties and weaknesses.
A withdrawal into himself, aggressiveness,eating disorders, can then occur, sometimes leading to school failure. Il It is then necessary not to ignore these signs and make an appointment with a psychologist.

Hence the advantage of teleconsultation with an online shrink that will allow your teenager to consult more quickly.

What psychological support for children and when should a child psychologist be consulted?

Your child suffers from insomnia accompanied by constant crying. Anorexia. Psychosomatic illnesses, recurrent nightmaresn, frequent night terrors. Urinary or fecal incontinence. Hyperactivity or language disorders such as learning difficulties, dyslexia, dyspraxia.

If, after 4 years, language disorders (poor pronunciation, stuttering or poor vocabulary) persist, rehabilitation with a speech therapist is necessary.

What are the benefits of online psychology for expats?

In expatriation, the whole family must adapt to a new rhythm of life, a new culture, a new country, sometimes a new language. To make friends.
Having recourse to a French psychologist often rare abroad, will allow you to confide in and relieve the feeling of remoteness and facilitate adaptation to the new country.
Several American scientific studies* compare the effects of online therapy to those of face-to-face therapy. The results confirm its effectiveness. This alternative to traditional therapy has the same objectives as in-office consultations: a space for talking and empathetic and benevolent listening, without leaving your home, offered by a competent professional.
Consult online more quickly and with more flexibility to end isolation when you are far from your bearings, your family and your country is the solution in expatriation.

*the study by Brigit Wagner & Co, University of Cambridge

Thanks to online psychology, you avoid long waiting lists to get an appointment.
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