Marie-Hélène PERRIN

Psychologist - Neuropsychology WISC-V

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Presentation of the health professional

Training, diplomas and experiences:

Holder of a Master 2 in Psychopathology Adults and adolescents University of Rennes 2. (giving the right to practice as a psychologist and psychotherapist, both being highly regulated and requiring the allocation of an ADELI number from the Health Agencies).
Holder of a Master 1 in Psychocriminology, Univ. Rennes 2.
Dissertation on the clinic of psychotrauma linked to intentional violence.
Training in projective psychology: Rorschach, TAT….
Specific ECPA training in the administration and clinical analysis of the WISC V.
Psychoanalytic orientation psychologist, psychoanalyst, training at the School of the Freudian Cause.
Working in a private practice: children, adolescents and adults.
Intervening in a retirement home (depression in old age, Alzheimer’s, bereavement), in the context of integration (young people in rupture, migrants), in a psychiatric hospital, with the CSAPA (prevention and care of addictions).
Children’s consultations in connection with many schools and WISC V.
Consultations by videoconference for children and adults.

Adult consultations:
At a distance, by videoconference or face-to-face, at the office, I receive many patients with always unique problems despite the appointments frequently encountered: depression, bipolarity, addictions…. Restoring psychic vitality requires grasping what is at stake in the repetitions that constrain us or in the sufferings with which we feel overwhelmed. Desiring to free yourself from it requires that your words be welcomed in a respectful, humanistic and non-judgmental manner so that you can develop and rely on ways of being new but which belong to you.

Children consultation:
I meet children, from toddlers to teenagers and frequently work in conjunction with teachers, school psychologists and speech therapists. Learning difficulties can have multiple factors. To understand the causes, it is essential to be able to first carry out a psycho-affective clinical assessment and, if necessary, to continue with a psychometric test. Trained specifically to pass the latest version of the WISC V, I am able to conduct a pass (which requires the child to have a good command of written and oral French) following which a complete written report will be delivered after an oral restitution during which we will have taken the time to come back and detail the observations and conclusions that may have arisen.


  • Support session / psychological follow-up or clinical interview (45 min to 1 hour): €60
  • Clinical psychological assessment: €300 (including: 3 clinical interviews, writing of the assessment, 1 one-hour feedback session and delivery of the written report)
  • WISC V neuropsychological assessment: €550 (including: 2 clinical interviews of 2 x 45 mins, 1 test session of 90 mins with the possibility of splitting it into 2 periods of 45 minutes depending on the child’s fatigue, the writing of the assessment, 1 oral restitution session of 1 hour and delivery of the written report)
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