Caroline COMET

Speech Therapist

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Before joining the Dismed network, I worked as a freelancer, in private and multidisciplinary practices, and also within medical structures, in a children’s clinic in France and Vietnam. Alongside my practice, I am keen to follow continuing education in various fields (parental support, oral disorders, bilingualism, etc.) in order to improve my activity and update my knowledge. I practice my activity in French and can provide parental support in English. The assessment is a prerequisite for the implementation of rehabilitation sessions. During the first interview, we discuss together in order to define your personal and medical history, or that of your child; then I collect information in order to understand your difficulties but also your strengths, or those of your child. Then, the actual assessment is carried out, over 2 or 3 sessions, using standardized tests. At its end, a written report is returned and allows discussion of the intervention methods (parental support, individual sessions, information from the other professionals who intervene, etc.). Rehabilitation sessions generally last between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on individual needs and attention spans. The material is varied, adapted and scalable.
Speech therapy intervention with: baby, child, adolescent, adult. Pathologies treated: swallowing/feeding disorder, communication disorder/disability, oral language, written language, fluency/stuttering, neurodegenerative diseases, aphasia following a stroke or head trauma.

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