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When I accidentally discovered speech therapy in high school, I had the intuition that I was made for this profession.
I was right: as soon as I got my baccalaureate, from my success in the speech therapy entrance examination to the Faculty of Medicine of Lille in 1999, to the creation of my speech therapy practice as soon as I obtained my speech therapist diploma in June 2003 and until today, I have fully blossomed with my patients, some of whom have become friends.
I took a 4-month break between 2007 and 2008 to welcome my child.

I have continued to train myself in many areas: logico-mathematics, oral and written language disorders, autism, but also accidental or developmental neurological disorders.
All my patients, but also all my future speech therapist trainees, gave me the opportunity to learn more and refine my art.
So much so that, even with my ankle in plaster, I wanted to continue my activity and called on my spouse and a taxi to take me to my office!

When the global pandemic deprived us of going out, teleconsultation in speech therapy was born legally in France: I discovered a whole new way of exercising.
Very comfortable with computers, I have assisted many of my colleagues lost in the face of telecommunications software.

And here I am on Dismed, thanks to a colleague whom I thank; I will be able to receive French expatriate patients all over the world: children, but also adults in difficulty with their communication in the broad sense.
I can help you find your own strategies for compensation, adaptation, and make you independent.
All you have to do is make an appointment 🙂

You can request an initial 15-minute interview with this practitioner by choosing the “free preliminary interview” reason (* limited to 1 per year).


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