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Speech therapist graduated in 2011 from the University of Castilla la Mancha in Spain, I first worked in Spanish schools, then practiced as a liberal speech therapist in a bilingual French-Spanish practice in Madrid since 2012. . I am also a collaborating professor at the Universidad Oberta de Catalunya where I teach speech therapy students about developmental language disorder. In addition, I have been practicing telespeech therapy since 2016.

After having worked during these years with bilingual French-Spanish children, I acquired the necessary skills to be able to adapt the assessments as well as the treatments, according to the school languages ​​and the languages ​​of communication of the child’s entourage.
Specialized in multilingualism, I take care of oral language learning disorders (speech or language delay, articulatory disorders, phonological disorders, developmental language disorder, etc.), as well as written language disorders (delay in acquisition of reading and writing, reading and writing learning disabilities, dyslexia, dysorthography, etc.).

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