Louise LANGE

Speech Therapist

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Speech therapist since 2015, I graduated from the Center de Formation Universitaire de Tours. I have always worked in a multidisciplinary liberal practice.

My end-of-studies dissertation focused on the implementation of an alternative communication application on a touch pad, intended for people with aphasia. Following this research, I participated in the creation of the GONG application (available on tablet and smartphone) then I led training sessions for my speech therapist colleagues, in order to help them set up this tool with their patients.
I therefore work regularly with patients with communication disorders following a stroke or head trauma.

Moreover, as part of my liberal practice, I used to welcome many patients with eating disorders:
– oral disorders (newborns, children, adolescents), sometimes with patients with nasogastric tubes or gastrostomies, or with associated pathologies (Kiss syndrome, cleft lip and palate, Pierre Robin syndrome, trisomy 21, intellectual disability, ASD, cerebral palsy, …)
– swallowing disorders (children, adolescents, adults) associated or not with oro-myo-functional disorders (mouth breathing, drooling, bruxism, sleep apnea, etc.)
– dysphagia in the context of neurodegenerative pathologies (multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s type dementia, etc.) or acquired neurological pathologies (stroke, head trauma, etc.)

I also hold an additional diploma in support of breastfeeding women.

More classically, I work with children with oral and/or written language acquisition disorders, but also with elderly people with memory and/or language disorders in the context of neurodegenerative pathologies.

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