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Speech therapist graduated from the Free University of Brussels, I specialize in the correction of speech and language disorders, especially in children. Throughout my studies and my professional experiences, I have been able to practice in hospitals, schools and in private practice.

I pay particular attention to taking the time to discuss with the patient and his parents, to identify their expectations and to offer the most precise and individualized care possible. I spend time continually renewing my knowledge and staying informed of the latest scientific advances in order to offer appropriate care.

Following a move to Sweden at the beginning of 2021, I am freshly embarking on teleconsultation for which I have taken training. I find this exercise very interesting, especially for French people living abroad and who do not have the opportunity to be taken care of by French-speaking speech therapists. Who says “teleconsultation” also says “adaptation” and I am well aware that tele-speech therapy does not allow all pathologies to be taken care of, as liberal speech therapists do. This is why I have decided to reduce my practice to certain pathologies, in order to be as efficient as possible and to provide patients with all the most appropriate means. However, one aspect of speech therapy that remains little known, but which is nonetheless very interesting and important, is parental guidance. Even in areas that cannot be supported by teleconsultation, if you have questions or if you need to be guided, informed, reassured, do not hesitate to make an appointment (for very young children for example , or hearing parents of deaf children). Deafness is one of my areas of expertise and I know how “unleashed” parents can be following a diagnosis of deafness.

You can request an initial 15-minute interview with this practitioner by choosing the “free preliminary interview” reason (* limited to 1 per year).


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