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My name is Eric Bungener and I just turned 67.
I was born in Vietnam, but I was raised in Paris. I graduated from the Rouen Business School.
I learned to speak English at a very young age because my mother was half Canadian, thanks to which I did a small part of my schooling in an English school in Ontario.
Later, I worked in the press in New York for a few years.
I also started Italian quite young, because my family spent part of the holidays not far from Venice: I therefore started "on the job", before studying this language seriously. This allowed me to perform my "cooperation" (instead of military service) stationed in the commercial service of the French Embassy in Rome. After the required 18 months, I was officially appointed as a commercial advisor in the same embassy, ​​in total I stayed in Rome for 6 years.
Today I read books more in English and Italian than in French, and I continue to practice these two languages ​​through English or Italian speaking friends. I have also translated a large number of English and Italian books into French, especially works of history, geography, archeology, art history and fashion. I even translated into English a work written in French on some of my American ancestors (because one of my "hobbies" is genealogy).
Finally, I am passionate about opera, and there, the knowledge of Italian is essential.


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