Teleconsultation, when and where you want! is a secure platform whose data host is approved by the Regional Health Agency, for confidential teleconsultations. Our specialists are based around the world to cover all time zones with great flexibility.

* your data are protected and only hosted on our secure HDH approved by the ARS allows you to book confidential and secure teleconsultations, simply and in a few clicks.

Choice of your practitioner

Choose a specialty and a consultation language to find the practitioner who best meets your request.


Consult the availability of our practitioners in your own time zone to book your teleconsultation.


Simply and securely connect with your practitioner on the date and time chosen for your teleconsultation.

Confidentiality of your data

We are hosted by a HDH, a health data host approved by the Regional Health Agency.

Payment of practitioner fees

The payment of the fees of the chosen practitioner is done only after the teleconsultation has taken place!

Security of your transactions

Your transactions are secured by SSL protocol, via our bank Crédit Agricole and our partner Stripe.

A therapist for your follow-up

A specialist « at home », at a time that suits you, for a follow-up anywhere in the world, with the guarantee of individualized and secure sessions, and the commitment of the same practitioner that you have chosen until the end of the care.

Data protection & confidentiality

Your health data 100% secure

The confidentiality of your health data is very important to us, and we are committed to respecting it. is hosted by a health data host approved by the Regional Health Agency.

How does it work ?

To book a teleconsultation with one of our professional therapists, it's very simple:

Frequently asked questions

You only need a computer (PC or Mac) preferably equipped with the web browser "Google Chrome", a webcam and a microphone (integrated or external), and above all an internet connection. uses an teleconsultation application that meets all security standards for health data.

Yes, by checking the availability of practitioners using our interface.
The availability of our practitioners is constantly updated and is always displayed in your own time zone.

Yes. You will even have 3 in all! Our system will automatically send you:
– an email the day before On the day and at the time of your teleconsultation
- an email 2 hours before the time of your teleconsultation
- also a reminder by SMS
 2 hours before the time of your teleconsultation (subject to having entered a valid mobile number).

Yes. You can cancel a teleconsultation, directly from your Patient account, in your teleconsultation list, only 24h en avance.
Passé de délai, vous ne pourrez plus annuler de vous-même la consultation. Elle sera considérée comme “actée” et facturée. Cependant, en cas de “force majeure”, si vous devez tout de même annuler moins de 24h avant la consultation, vous pouvez contacter directement votre praticien.
* If it is impossible to connect to the session (technical problem), it will not be invoiced, payment of the fees being made only at the end of the act.

We attach the greatest importance to securing your private health data, as well as for all your exchanges on the site.
We are hosted by a Health Data Host (HDH) approved by the Regional Health Agency. This means that all your data is never kept by Dismed, but only by our health data host AZNetwork.
We are in good standing on all security conditions: encryption of your data by SSL certificate, encryption of hard disks with our health host, regular ARS audits on conditions and approval.

Our network is made up of healthcare professionals registered in their competent regulatory institutions, having signed a service contract. These professionals have all received teleconsultation training.

Les honoraires de chaque praticien sont stipulés lors de la réservation de la téléconsultation (pour les praticiens conventionnés dans le domaine de l’orthophonie : ils sont également indiqués et discutés après entretien préalable gratuit de 15 min).
Aucun honoraire n’est perçu directement sur notre interface lors de la demande de réservation du rendez-vous avec votre praticien. Nous disposons d’un secrétariat, en charge de vous envoyer les factures détaillées des actes réalisés, indiquant le motif et le montant des honoraires, ainsi que les éventuels dépassements lorsque le praticien est conventionné (après accord avec le patient).

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