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Information on search results

Methods of referencing practitioners

Dismed allows patients to search for a health professional (practitioner) offering teleconsultation, according to their specialty, their practices, and their place of practice.

Search results are categorized into three distinct categories:

  • the “Teleconsultation Domain” offering to filter practitioners by areas of expertise,
  • the “Language for teleconsultation” allowing practitioners to be filtered by the language spoken to carry out the teleconsultation,
  • the “Practices” allowing to refine the search via a list of pathologies.

All the results of a category are presented before proceeding to the display, if necessary, of the following categories.

In order not to favor one practitioner more than another, in each category, the search results are randomly re-ordered each time the search page is reloaded.

There is no capital link of any kind whatsoever between health professionals and Dismed likely to influence the referencing of practitioners on the platform.

In the event of termination of the contract with Dismed by the practitioner (or by Dismed), the practitioner ceases to use the services and may no longer be referenced on the platform. A practitioner can also be dereferenced at his request from the Dismed platform.

Dismed online service information

Dismed provides, through its website, and its mobile applications, an online service for connecting practitioners and patients.

Dismed is, in this context, only an intermediary between the patient and the practitioner.

The research service made available to patients by Dismed is free of charge.

The practitioner is free to postpone or cancel the appointments made by the patients. Dismed declines all responsibility in the event that the patient cancels his appointment or does not show up. Dismed declines all responsibility in the event of a dispute, for whatever reason, between the patient and the practitioner.

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