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The role of / DisMed is that of a technical intermediary connecting Participants (referred to as “Practitioners” and “Patients”) through the Platform.

DisMed services, for all practitioners in the network, are made available free of charge (free access). Each of DisMed’s practitioners can access a personal space so that they can manage their own time availability, as well as a personal calendar to control their appointments online and manage them.
Access to all these services is completely free and reserved only for network practitioners, after verification of their diplomas and skills and training in teleconsultation.
Payment of fees is made directly with the practitioner, and only after the appointment. DisMed also provides a free online payment service by credit card.

Transactions (fees) are collected directly by the practitioner, through a secure electronic payment system set up free of charge for practitioners by / DisMed or by any other means, which would subsequently be validated by Dismed. fr / DisMed.

Transactions are formed directly between the Practitioner ( / DisMed) and the Patient. / DisMed therefore incurs no liability in relation to the execution of Transactions – subject to the responsibilities incumbent on it as provider of Communications – and provides no guarantee as to the successful completion of the Services or payment of said Services by the Patient. / DisMed makes no guarantee as to the availability or performance of the Platform and the Practitioner cannot hold / DisMed liable for any missed winnings, loss of opportunity or loss of numbers. business. / DisMed in particular exercises no control and assumes no responsibility in relation to the quality, compliance with the offer or the law or the adequacy of the Services offered by the Practitioners and more generally, the content of the Communications; the reliability, accuracy or legality of any information relating to the Services or the identification of Patients; assessments provided by Patients; the solvency of the Patients. The Practitioner is responsible for direct or indirect, material or immaterial damage and harm caused to / DisMed and/or any third party. / DisMed, in its capacity as intermediary, cannot be held responsible for the tax obligations incumbent on Practitioners due to the provision of teaching services. / DisMed reserves the right to exclude a Practitioner for serious misconduct, falsification of documents, or any other behavior which would harm the proper functioning of the service.

Obligations of the Practitioner

The Practitioners are in no way employees of / DisMed. Practitioners have a duty to comply with the laws of their respective country of residence. The Practitioner is informed that by providing teleconsultations on the / DisMed site in the usual manner, he or she may be subject to reporting obligations, particularly relating to taxation. Thus, the regular conclusion of transactions on the / DisMed site is likely to result in an obligation to declare to the tax authorities and subject the Practitioner to various taxes such as VAT and/or Professional Tax. . The Practitioner acknowledges being up to date with payment of all taxes resulting from the conclusion of transactions on the / DisMed site. Likewise, the regular conclusion of transactions on the / DisMed site may result in the obligation of affiliation to the organization for managing social contributions on which the Practitioner depends or to any other collective management organization for independent professions (funds). health insurance…). It is therefore recommended that non-commercial Practitioners contact these organizations in order to obtain any useful information regarding the criteria and obligations for affiliation.

Practitioners have the obligation to provide / DisMed with all documents justifying their training, regardless of their initial training and their places of intervention.

Concerning the Practitioner’s obligations for teleconsultation acts:

– Update its hourly availability (requests for teleconsultations made by Patients are automatically accepted).

– Show up on time; failing this or in the event of cancellation, / DisMed reserves the right to keep this cancellation information in the database or to suspend access to the Site ( to the Practitioner.

– Wait for the Patient up to 10 minutes beyond the agreed time (tolerance does not exempt the patient from being punctual)

– Organize and manage the monitoring of the Patient’s sessions by entering all new teleconsultations in the agenda/calendar, to guarantee the visibility of the scheduled sessions for the Patient, and the updating of their availability schedules.

– Check your emails regularly (every day) for notifications of new appointments (an SMS is also sent directly to the Practitioner for each new request from a Patient).

– Keep the agenda up to date, punctually, to include all teleconsultation acts in order to collect the fee payments generated directly by the platform for the secretariat at the end of each month. The practitioner’s diary must be up to date by the 1st of next month at most.

Patient Obligations

The Patient undertakes:

– to show up on time for your teleconsultations; Dismed. fr / DisMed sends 3 reminders (2 email reminders and 1 SMS reminder) to inform the Patient of their teleconsultations; in the absence of attendance at the scheduled time for the teleconsultation, or in the event of last minute cancellation, DisMed reserves the right not to reimburse the procedure, except in proven cases of force majeure.

– to pay the teleconsultation fees for the “Review” service (of whatever nature) upon receipt of the automatic payment email (sent 2 hours after the start of the teleconsultation) to receive your official written assessment report by his Practitioner.

– to pay the monthly invoices for teleconsultation fees for follow-up sessions, within the allotted time stipulated on the invoice sent automatically and each month by the Secretariat. In the absence of payment, Dismed. fr / DisMed reserves the right to suspend the Patient’s account and cancel future follow-up sessions, until full payment of the invoice.
The Practitioner and our legal department will be notified.

– For a cancellation of Service (session or assessment in teleconsultation), the Patient has the possibility to cancel, themselves, a teleconsultation 48 hours in advance, from their “My Teleconsultations” menu. After this period, cancellation by the Patient is no longer possible. DisMed then reserves the right to invoice the act in question, except in cases of force majeure proven and proven by the Patient.


The Practitioner and the Patient accept that their Transactions are governed by French law regardless of their country of residence and regardless of the territory in which the Services are issued or received.


Data collection – The information collected by / DisMed is intended for its exclusive use, and is only stored at our Health Data Host (HADS) approved by the Regional Health Agency. / DisMed undertakes not to disclose, transfer, sell, rent, market, give or lend to third parties your email address or any other personal or professional information.
All transactions (payments) executed on are secure via our partner Stripe. No banking information is stored on / by DisMed.

Technical disruptions / DisMed cannot be held responsible for interruptions and other technical problems that may disrupt the services offered on its website. / DisMed incurs no responsibility for cases where, following a malfunction or hacking, access to the site is temporarily impossible.

In the event of cancellation of a session following a technical incident, unavailability of the Practitioner or withdrawal, the Patient is reimbursed 100%.

Dismed teleconsultation areas:

Speech therapy – Psychology – Occupational therapy – Graphotherapy – Orthoptics – Sophrology – Hypnotherapy – Personal development – Couple therapy – Neurology – Neuropsychology – Midwifery – Oral communication – Vocal coaching – School support – School guidance – Psychoanalysis – Pediatrics

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