Book your teleconsultations in orthophonie allows you to book, simply and in a few clicks, confidential and secure teleconsultations.
* service exclusively intended for patients not affiliated with the CPAM


What is online speech therapy?

Also called telespeech therapy, it is remote speech therapy via internet by videoconference for teleconsultations wherever and whenever you want. No need to go to a speech therapy office.
You follow your rehabilitation session from the comfort of your home or on the move. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of these sessions.

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How to make an appointment for your teleconsultation?

By doing a quick availability search in your own time zone, from the form at the top of the page.
You can also consult our Directory of Practitioners, from the "Search for a Practitioner" menu.
This first meeting includes, according to your choice:

A free 15-minute interview with parents and possibly the patient

A request for a speech therapy evaluation (assessment)

which will then allow us to establish an intervention plan

Tele-consultation rehabilitation sessions

What do you need for your session?

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A connected screen (computer, tablet, etc.)

equipped with a camera and an integrated or external microphone.

A stable internet connection

with sufficient bandwidth to allow the use of video

The Google Chrome web browser

preferably. However, it is possible to use Firefox.

Why Telespeech Therapy?

Thanks to online speech therapy, you avoid long waiting lists to get an appointment.

Ease of access to specialized speech therapy care, not always available where you live.

Comfort of the patient who is in his environment thanks to teleconsultation.

Cope with ever-increasing demands and optimize the organization of care.

Fun and interactive rehabilitation sessions.

Save time, no more travel problems.

Follow-up care wherever you are thanks to remote speech therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dismed

All you need is a computer (PC or Mac) preferably equipped with the “Google Chrome” web browser, a webcam and a microphone (integrated or external), and above all an internet connection.

Yes, by checking the availability of practitioners using our interface.
The availability of our practitioners is constantly updated and isalways displayed in your own time zone.

Yes. You will even have 3 in all! Our system will automatically send you:
an email the day before the day of your teleconsultation.
– an email 2 hours before the time of your teleconsultation
– also a reminder by SMS
2 hours before the time of your teleconsultation (subject to having entered a valid mobile number).

Yes. You can cancel a consultation, directly from your Patient account, in your teleconsultation list, provided you do so 24 hours in advance.
After the deadline, you will no longer be able to cancel the consultation yourself. It will be considered as “acted” and invoiced. However, in the event of “force majeure”, if you still have to cancel less than 24 hours before the consultation, you can contact your practitioner directly.
* In case of impossibility to connect to the session (technical problem), it will not be invoiced, the payment of the fees being made only at the end of the act.

We attach the greatest importance to securing your private health data, as well as all your exchanges on the website.
We are hosted by a Health Data Host (HDS) approved by the Regional Health Agency. This means that all your data is never stored by Dismed, but only by our health data host AZNetwork.
We comply with all security conditions: encryption of your data by SSL certificate, encryption of hard drives at our healthcare host, regular ARS audits on conditions and approval.

Our network is made up of health professionals registered in their competent regulatory institutions, who have signed a service contract. These professionals have all received training in teleconsultation.

The fees of each practitioner are stipulated when booking the teleconsultation (in some areas you can also request a free preliminary interview of 15 min).
We remind you that Dismed is exclusively intended for patients not affiliated with the CPAM (with the exception of patients affiliated with the CNMSS).
For the reservation of a teleconsultation assessment, Dismed requests full payment of the practitioner's fees on its platform. Reservations for sessions, as well as any follow-up sessions set up by the practitioner, are to be paid at the end of the month, upon receipt of the invoice sent by the secretariat.
We have a secretariat, in charge of sending you detailed invoices for the monthly acts carried out, indicating the reason and the amount of the fees, as well as any overruns (after agreement with the patient).

Want more information?

Do you have any questions, or would you like to know more about our services?

Dismed teleconsultation areas:

Speech therapy – Psychology – Occupational therapy – Graphotherapy – Orthoptics – Sophrology – Hypnotherapy – Personal development – Couple therapy – Neurology – Neuropsychology – Midwifery – Oral communication – Vocal coaching – School support – School guidance – Psychoanalysis – Pediatrics

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