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The importance of continuity of care abroad

When preparing to live abroad, health remains a priority. Leaving can cause a break in your medical care, and it's often difficult to recreate your care environment abroad, at least in the first few months.
Maintaining continuity of care, especially in speech therapy, is crucial to avoid interruptions that could affect your well-being or that of your children. A break in care can lead to delays in treatment and affect adaptation to your new living environment, impacting the experience of you and your family.

Departexpatez vous

* Accessible solutions

Fortunately, there are ways for expatriates to combine adventure and follow-up.

Many countries don’t necessarily offer high-quality speech therapy services, and platforms like Dismed can help you find qualified French-speaking professionals accessible anywhere in the world.

Also consider online consultations, a flexible option that can complement on-site care.
Before you leave, find out what the various medical and paramedical professionals involved in your care have to offer.

* Importance of preparing for departure

Careful preparation is the key. Before you leave, find out what care is available locally, and plan your consultations remotely if you can.

You can also get in touch with expatriates with similar experience. They will be able to recommend local or French expatriate professionals, if any.

We often underestimate the need to prepare for departure, thinking – often mistakenly – that we’ll find the same services or a similar environment on site. We project ourselves logically with our references and representations, and reality can be quite different.

Pre-departure preparation enables you to find out more about the system that awaits you there: how it works, the type of facilities, the care provided, the professionals available…

Preparing in advance means ensuring continuity with full knowledge of the facts.

Discover Expatez-Vous!

To ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to managing your health abroad and preparing for your departure, Expatez-Vous! offers customized support services.
We can help you prepare for your expatriation, ensuring a smooth transition for all your healthcare needs. Together, we address all aspects of your physical, mental and social health, to ensure continuity of care once you’re here.
Visit our website to find out more about how we can help you on your adventure.

For more information:

To find out more, visit www.expatez-vous.com or Insta @expatezvous. The first appointment is free.

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