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"As you have to work to be natural" L. Jouvet

Coaching, individual support
• Preparation of oral examinations: personality interviews, presentations (briefs, presentations, etc.)
• Personal development to find the daring to take action and decide on your future

I specialize in preparing for admission interviews in the selective courses of higher education, internships and first employment. I rely on self-knowledge and motivation tools inspired by positive psychology, public speaking techniques as well as recruitment techniques. My practice gives a large place to training, which is essential, to scenarios and recurring questions. It is about having knowledge of yourself, and confidence in your own abilities enough to face any jury with authenticity.
Drawing on my experience as a consultant, trainer, and volunteer, I propose to help young people develop their personality while respecting each other's identity, and deploying their talents to achieve their goals. Over the past few years, I have often met talented people, young and old, who ignored each other, some were naturally charismatic and very comfortable speaking, others petrified at the idea. to speak in public. By studying their issues, I was able to understand how the art of eloquence involves perfect knowledge of oneself, which it is practiced with humility and authenticity.
Training in oral services is all the more important as we are now witnessing the resurgence of orality in our society, the proliferation of oral formats for communicating, transmitting, selecting (YouTube, TED conferences, competition for eloquence, “grand oral”, presentations, motivational interviews, role plays, improvisation…). For students or young graduates entering the job market, the challenges are multiple: convincing and / or persuading a jury, highlighting their knowledge through form, embodying their subject, having self-confidence with naturalness and spontaneity.
Success lies in regular work on yourself and in training.

A graduate of Audencia, I was a manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Paris, then I went abroad for 15 years (Asia, Africa, Europe). Through the different activities that I have carried out as a trainer for children, young people or adults, I have experienced different pedagogical postures and their implications in the development of oneself and the relationship with others. Mother of three children, I resumed studies in psychology and this year in coaching at the University of Paris VIII, I am also a member of the business school jury and I volunteer in vocational high schools thanks to the association C Possible.
I love the theater, which I practiced for several years as an amateur, and hiking in the Corsican mountains.


  • Session (1 hour): 60 €
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