Nicolle TAIEB

Nicolle Taieb

Nicolle TAIEB

Speech Therapist

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I studied psychology for a few years, then turned to speech therapy at the Faculty of Medicine of Nice, where I obtained my diploma. at Nice.

After about ten years, my family and I moved to Israel. There, working for more than twenty years in a center for hearing-impaired children and adolescents, I also trained in a rehabilitation method of American origin (Auditory Verbal) which helps a lot in the progress of these patients. In this centre, we subsequently created a crèche for hearing-impaired children, welcoming in particular patients who have received a cochlear implant, a technology that is highly developed in our country.

At the same time, I practiced and still practice in a liberal practice, with children with oral language disorders: delay, articulation, dysphasia, as well as written language: dyslexia, dysorthography.

Working particularly with a clientele of French-speaking origin, I am often called upon to help children facing various problems related to bilingualism. With younger children, I practice parental support, which is an integral part of the intervention.

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