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Having had the chance to live abroad most of my life (Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, USA, UK, Netherlands), my children and I are “products” of the French system abroad. Therefore I understand the challenges related to expatriation (in the broad sense) when trying to determine your professional future having experienced them myself.
I also had the chance to travel and visit more than 80 countries, which allowed me to meet people from all walks of life and discover different cultures in the world. I now use my experiences and my skills of adaptability, listening and curiosity to help 15-99 year olds find their professional path. My pragmatism and my action-oriented personality will help you achieve your orientation.

My initial training in a business school, followed by more than 10 years of experience in business as a “brand manager” or export director, also gave me maturity and understanding of the business world, which are essential for consulting at the orientation.
Finally, having myself gone through orientation and retraining, I am able to accompany you knowingly. To retrain, I took training in “career counselling”. I also obtained the certifications to pass the Strong Interest (The Myers Briggs) and GROP-4 (psychometrik) tests, and I am in the process of certification for the ADVP & the experiential educational approach in orientation.
The idea is therefore to help you know your interests, talents, values ​​and aspirations in order to help you determine and implement the best way to achieve your professional goals.

I thus help the citizens of the world to choose their school course and determine a professional direction within the framework of a questioning or a retraining.


  • School orientation session (1 hour): 75€
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