Stéphanie ZAUGG

Stéphanie ZAUGG

Graduate of Audencia

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“How to work to be natural” L. Jouvet

Coaching, individual coaching
• Oral preparation: personality interviews, presentations (memoirs, presentations …)
• Personal development to find the audacity to act and decide on its future

I am specialized in the preparation of admission interviews in the selective sectors of higher education, internships and first jobs. I rely on self-awareness and motivation tools inspired by positive psychology, oratory techniques and recruitment techniques. My practice gives a large place to training, essential, situations and recurrent questions. It’s about having a sense of self, and a confidence in one’s abilities to deal with any board authentically.
With my experience as a consultant, trainer, and volunteer, I propose to help young people to mature their personality in respect of everyone’s identity, to deploy their talents to achieve their goals. In recent years, I have often met people of talent, young and old, who did not know each other, some were naturally charismatic and very comfortable speaking, others petrified at the idea to speak in public. By studying their problems, I have been able to understand how the art of eloquence passes through a perfect knowledge of oneself, that it is practiced with humility and authenticity.
Training in oral services is all the more important as we are witnessing today the return of orality in our society, the multiplication of oral formats to communicate, transmit, select (YouTube, TED conferences, competition of eloquence, “grand oral”, presentations, motivational interviews, role plays, improvisation …). For students or young graduates who arrive on the job market, the stakes are multiple: to convince and or persuade a jury, to enhance their knowledge by form, to embody their subject, to have confidence in themselves with naturalness and spontaneity.
Success lies in regular work on oneself and in training.

Graduate of Audencia, I was a manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Paris and I went abroad for 15 years (Asia, Africa, Europe). Through the different activities that I did as a trainer for children, young people and adults, I experimented with different pedagogical postures and their implications in the development of the self and the relation to the other. Mother of three children, I resumed studies in psychology and this year in coaching at the University of Paris VIII, I am also a member of the jury of business school and I intervene voluntarily with the professional high schools through the C association possible.
I like the theater that I practiced several years in amateur and hiking in the mountains of Corsica.

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