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A graduate of the Nantes School of Caycedian Sophrology, created by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, neuro-psychiatrist, I offer to accompany you at every moment of your daily life.
Caycedian Sophrology is a discipline that helps people develop serene awareness through personal training based on relaxation and activation techniques for body and mind.
It is based on the observation and study of consciousness, body perception and the body/mind relationship, and their influence on lifestyle.
Its aim is to help reinforce positive attitudes and values in everyday life, in both the professional and personal spheres. Develop the ability to actively manage stress and negative emotions.
Regular practice of Caycedian Sophrology with a professional, then independently, enables everyone to optimize their positive abilities in everyday life.
Caycedian Sophrology is applied in :
- Stress management
- Well-being and personal development
- Improving performance in contexts such as business, organizations and studies,
- social relationships, pain, preparation for childbirth.
I propose to accompany people who wish to find a set of techniques and a lifestyle that will enable them to improve and cope serenely with the stress of daily life and/or work.
Through Sophrologie Ludique, based on the same principles as Caycédienne Sophrology, I am able to offer support for younger children, from the age of 6, enabling them to better manage their stress and build on positive foundations.


Sophrologue Caycédienne, Sophrologue Ludique




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