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Welcome to the secure Dismed platform in partnership with CNMSS (National Military Social Security Fund), exclusivelyt intended for CNMSS members residing outside France. Make an appointment for your children (minors) with one of our speech therapists, whatever your time zone, for teleconsultations in complete confidentiality.

* your data is protected and only hosted on our approved secure HDS. Your account will be verified with the CNMSS (request for insurance certificate).

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Speech therapy teleconsultations for children of CNMSS soldiers

Dismed is committed to expatriate military families (residents outside France), allowing them to access speech therapy teleconsultations for their children (minors), supported by the CNMSS and in complete confidentiality, with the one of our qualified therapists.

Choosing your speech therapist

Browse our directory of qualified speech therapists to find the therapist who meets your needs.


Check the availability of our speech therapists in your own time zone to book your teleconsultation.


Connect simply and securely with your speech therapist on the date and time chosen for your teleconsultation.

Confidentiality of your data

We are hosted by a HADS, health data host approved by the Regional Health Agency.

Payment of session fees

Fees are paid directly by the CNMSS, upon medical prescription/prior agreement from medical services.

In partnership with the CNMSS

DisMed works in partnership with the CNMSS to guarantee patient monitoring. A request for prior agreement is mandatory.

How does it work ?

To book a teleconsultation with one of our speech therapists, you must first create an account on our platform

* a verification will be carried out by providing an insurance certificate to the CNMSS


Check availability

You can search for availability, or choose one of our practitioners from our online directory.

Book your teleconsultations

Book your teleconsultations in a few clicks and receive automatic confirmations and reminders!

Track your appointments

Log in to your account to follow up on your appointments, and cancel a teleconsultation if necessary (48 hours in advance)!

A speech therapist for monitoring your children

A therapist “at home”, at a time that suits you, for the interactive monitoring of your children, with the guarantee of individualized and secure sessions, and thecommitment of the same practitioner that you have chosen until the end of the session.


Your health data 100% secure

The confidentiality of your health data is very important to us, and we are committed to respecting it. Dismed.fr is hosted by a health data host approved by the ARS (Regional Health Agency).
We are also up to date with all the recommendations, best practices and security protocols of the ANS (Digital Health Agency). Our “security score” is 10/10.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dismed

All consultations requested on the Dismed CNMSS platform are considered in-person consultations, and are communicated to the National Military Social Security Fund (CNMSS) for full support. No payment of fees is requested directly from patients.

The conditions for the CNMSS to cover the assessment and sessions
: you must provide us with a medical prescription for an assessment, and prior agreement from the CNMSS medical services for the sessions.

Coverage of sessions by the CNMSS is only possible if the patient is followed by tele-speech therapy under the conditions set outs. No concomitant treatment (by tele-speech therapy and at the same time with a face-to-face speech therapist) is accepted.

All you need is a computer (PC or Mac) preferably equipped with the “Google Chrome” web browser, a webcam and a microphone (integrated or external), and above all an internet connection.

Yes, by checking the availability of speech therapists using our interface.
The availability of our speech therapists is constantly updated and is always displayed in your own time zone.

Yes. You will even have 3 in all! Our system will automatically send you:
an email the day before the day of your teleconsultation.
– an email 2 hours before the time of your teleconsultation
– also a reminder by SMS
2 hours before the time of your teleconsultation (subject to having entered a valid mobile number).

Yes. You can cancel a consultation, directly from your Patient account, in your teleconsultation list, provided you do so 24 hours in advance.
After the deadline, you will no longer be able to cancel the consultation yourself. It will be considered as “acted” and invoiced. However, in the event of “force majeure”, if you still have to cancel less than 24 hours before the consultation, you can contact your practitioner directly.
* In case of impossibility to connect to the session (technical problem), it will not be invoiced, the payment of the fees being made only at the end of the act.

We attach the greatest importance to securing your private health data, as well as all your exchanges on the Dismed.fr website.
We are hosted by a Health Data Host (HDS) approved by the Regional Health Agency. This means that all your data is never stored by Dismed, but only by our health data host AZNetwork.
We comply with all security conditions: encryption of your data by SSL certificate, encryption of hard drives at our healthcare host, regular ARS audits on conditions and approval.

Our network is made up of health professionals registered in their competent regulatory institutions, who have signed a service contract. These professionals have all received training in teleconsultation.

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