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It consists of preventing, evaluating and treating difficulties or disorders of oral and written language and communication.

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What is Online Speech Therapy?

Also called telespeech therapy, it is remote speech therapy via the internet by videoconference for teleconsultations where and when you want. No need to go to a speech therapy office.

You follow your rehabilitation session from the comfort of your home or on the go. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of these sessions.

Who is telespeech therapy for?

French-speaking expatriates who need to continue or begin speech therapy and who do not have a speech therapist in their country of expatriation or who cannot have an appointment quickly enough with a practitioner close to their home.

How to make an appointment for your teleconsultation?

By going to the directory of practitioners to choose a speech therapist by practice, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysorthography, etc…
We have over 30 practices listed on our site.
By doing a quick availability search in your own time zone.
This first appointment includes, according to your choice:

  • A free 15-minute interview with the parents and possibly the patient.
  • A request for a speech therapy evaluation (assessment), which will then make it possible to establish an intervention plan.
  • Tele-consultation rehabilitation sessions.

How does a videoconference rehabilitation session take place?

After your appointment request from our Dismed platform, the speech therapist will send you a link.
Simply and securely connect with your practitioner on the date and time chosen for your teleconsultation.

What do you need for your telespeech therapy session?

A connected screen (computer, tablets, TV) equipped with a camera and an integrated or external microphone.
A stable Internet connection with sufficient speed to allow the use of video.
Videoconferencing software (Zoom).
Preferably the Google Chrome web browser.

Why telespeech therapy?

Ease of access to specialized speech therapy care, not always available where you live.
Meet ever-increasing demands and optimize the organization of care.
Save time, no more travel hassles.
Comfort of the patient who is in his environment thanks to teleconsultation.
Playful and interactive rehabilitations.
Follow-up of care wherever you are thanks to remote speech therapy.

Thanks to online speech therapy, you avoid long waiting lists to get an appointment.

Make your appointment for an online speech therapy consultation or assessment quickly and easily with Dismed:

  • 100% secure payment
  • 100% secure health data

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