A teleconsultation, when and where you want!

A unique platform, led by a multidisciplinary team. Our specialists are based all over the world, to cover all time zones with great flexibility.

This new practice enables our patients around the world to access quality services. Patients no longer have to move. They work in the comfort of their home, in a suitable space. The constraint of the waiting list disappears thanks to the availability of our specialists and therapists.

A specialist “at home”, at the time that suits you, for a follow-up anywhere in the world, with the guarantee of individualized and secure sessions, and the commitment of the same practitioner that you have chosen until the end of the care.

The benefits for the patient

Great flexibility of making appointments

24/7 availability around the world

Make your sessions directly from home

No more traveling or waiting in the office

Save on shipping and incidentals

Make appointments directly and save time

Supported pathologies

According to our latest satisfaction survey, what are the pathologies we take care of?

  • Oral language disorders
  • Written language disorders
  • Oral and written language disorders
  • Other

Why teleconsultation

Following our last satisfaction survey, why did you choose DisMed.fr?

  • No practitioner near you
  • Your practitioner suggested it to you
  • For other reasons

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