Prerequisites and use

Can I access from any computer?

Yes, you can access the DisMed site and account from any computer anywhere (at home, at school, at your location holidays, at your family …), anywhere in the world! Our interface is also available on all mobile phones, and tablets.
We have also developed applications for IOs (Iphone) and Android, which you can download on the homepage.
We recommend using the browser “Google Chrome ” (to download, click – HERE-) for a better experience.
Note: for teleconsultations, you must connect with a computer (fixed or portable), to ensure a good session and have available all the sharing tools that we offer.

What is the minimum computer hardware required for a teleconsultation with DisMed?

All you need is a computer (PC or Mac) preferably equipped with the web browser “Google Chrome”, a webcam and a microphone (integrated or external), and especially an internet connection: ADSL 2M minimum, or more. Your upload (upload rate) must be at least 0.5M.
You can test it here:

We also recommend you a wired connection (with cable), rather than a WiFi connection (for better signal quality). It is also preferable and advisable to use a headset equipped with a microphone, to guarantee a comfort of session (but this is not mandatory).


Can I choose my appointments?

Yes, by checking the availability of practitioners using our interface.
The availability of our practitioners is constantly updated, and are always displayed in your own time zone.
Consult our practitioners

I do not find availabilities that suit me

If you can not find the dates and slots available that suit you, you can always contact us directly, via our online contact form, so that we find the right solution together.
Contact us for your specific request

Can I take recurring (repeat) consultations?

Yes, but only directly with your Practitioner after the first contact. Our site and system offers only to make your first consultation and to put you in relation with your Practitioner. The follow-up of your sessions will then be done directly with him. Warning: the recurrence is not proposed on the assessments, in general.

What are the details to provide for my request?

The only personal informations that you will be asked for, to reserve your teleconsultation, are: the nature of the teleconsultation requested, the first and last name of the patient, your contact email address (used for notifications: confirmations and exchanges), your telephone number mobile (for SMS reminders and payment security code). Possibly (not required) the patient’s date of birth, sex, country, and additional patient details that you would like to share with your Practitioner.
Important: All your health data is not stored or saved by They are only stored at our health data provider, approved by the ARS (Regional Agency of Health).

How do I know if my request is confirmed?

With DisMed, teleconsultations requests are automatically confirmed. Since the request is based on the actual and up-to-date availability of our practitioners, you do not have to wait for acceptance.
You will have direct confirmation of your teleconsultation at the end of the booking process. An email confirmation will also be sent automatically, with all the details of your request (date, time, service, practitioner in charge and teleconsultation link). Your practitioner will also be automatically informed.

Will I have a reminder for my consultation?

Yes. Our system will automatically send you:
– an email the day before
your teleconsultation
an email 2 hours before your teleconsultation
an SMS notification 2 hours before your teleconsultation (subject to having entered a valid mobile number).

Can I cancel a consultation?

Yes. You can cancel a teleconsultation, directly from your teleconsultations list, if 48h in advance.
Access my teleconsultations list

After the deadline, you will not be able to cancel the consultation yourself. It will be considered as “registered” and billed. However, in case of “force majeure”, if you still have to cancel less than 48 hours before the consultation, thank you contact your Practitioner directly via private messaging.
Contact the practitioner for cancellation request

* If unable to connect to the session (technical problem), it will not be billed, the payment of fees is done at the end of the act.[/su_button]

Can I contact my therapist at any time?

Yes. Once your consultation request is approved, your practitioner, like yourself, can make a direct contact via the private messaging.

Do we get documents to work between sessions?

According to the needs of your practitioner.

How is the assessments going?

For the assessment in speech therapy, graphotherapy and occupational therapy, it takes place on a session of 2 hours or two sessions of 1 hour, depending on the child’s ability to concentrate. And it is the assessment that will determine whether your child is under care.
The psychological assessment takes place on a session of 2 hours maximum, and other assessments on a session of 1 hour maximum.

Note: the official assessment report, for each area / service, will be sent directly by your practitioner, after payment of fees for the teleconsultation.

What are the lengths of the sessions?

Speech therapy: minimum duration of 30 minutes.
Psychology: 45 minutes on average.
School support: minimum duration of 30 minutes.
School orientation: 45 minutes on average.
Graphotherapy: 45 minutes on average.
Occupational therapy: minimum duration of 30 minutes.
Psychoanalysis: minimum duration of 1 hour.
Voice coaching: minimum duration of 1 hour.
Professional coaching: minimum duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Can my child’s teacher get in touch with the practitioner?

Yes. Only by email.

What are the durations of the assessments?

The average duration for an assesssment is 2 hours. However, for a “child” assessment, it takes place in 2 sessions of 1 hour, in order to maintain the concentration capacities of the child.

And if the health professional does not suit me?

You have the possibility at any time to change your health professional.

Use and configuration of our teleconsultation software

Our secure teleconsultations application

DisMed uses a teleconsultation application that meets all health data security standards (end-to-end encrypted data).

Our software allows you to put you in touch audio / video directly with your practitioner the day and time of your teleconsultation.
You will receive, following your request on our site, an email confirming your teleconsultation also explaining how to install our application on your computer (PC or Mac) in a few clicks.

Our software allows our practitioners to:

contact the patient at the day and time of his teleconsultation
share windows and documents to do the necessary exercises with the patient
give the patient control to interact directly on the exercises proposed by the practitioner
directly transfer documents directly to the patient (working documents, reports and reports, etc …)

Once the application is installed, you just have to be “connected” to do all your other follow-up sessions with your practitioner, simply.
The application, moreover, automatically starts when you start your computer.



Fees (for session or assessment) are publicly and clearly stipulated in our interface, on the sheet of each practitioner, transparently.
You do not need to create an account to know the fees.
A reminder of the fees is also stipulated twice in the reservation process, and this before any final validation.


All consultations requested on the DisMed platform are considered “in-person” consultations: an invoice is automatically generated each month for your follow-up sessions, as well as each actual assessment payment. This invoice must be used to obtain the possible reimbursement of the desired teleconsultation act, justifying the reason.

Regarding reimbursements by health organizations:
– Social security: paramedical teleconsultations are not reimbursed for the moment by the Social Security (they should be soon).
– Mutuals: thank you to get closer to your health organization to know the possible terms of reimbursement.

What are the different payment methods that are offered to me?

We only offer one payment method: Secure payment by Carte Bleue, with our official bank: “Crédit Agricole”, and our partner “Stripe” . All transactions and banking information are 100% secure, and are never stored on our server (your data is stored by Stripe, only).

When do I need to pay my consultations?

Regarding assessments:
For any assessment request, DisMed asks you to pay the corresponding fees (thanks to a direct and secure payment link, sent automatically by our system) to receive, after your teleconsultation, your official report written by your practitioner .

in case of non-payment: if the assessment is not settled, the practitioner is entitled not to send you your official assessment report, the time to receive your payment. The follow-up sessions that may be set up following the teleconsultation will also be suspended.

Regarding the sessions:
For all follow-up sessions, DisMed sends you at the end of each month a monthly invoice (of all the sessions performed on the current month). You have 7 days, from the date of receipt of the invoice, to pay the practitioner’s monthly fee.

in case of non-payment: for sessions, if the monthly bill is not paid within the allowed time, DisMed reserves the right to suspend your Patient account, as well as your teleconsultations. Your practitioner and our legal department will be notified.

Protecting your health data

Are my private health data secure?

Yes. We attach the greatest importance to securing your private health data, as well as all your exchanges on the website.
We are hosted by a Health Data Host (HDS) approved by the Regional Health Agency. Which means that all your data is never kept by DisMed, but only by our AZNetwork health data host.
We are in good standing on all security conditions: encryption of your data by SSL certificate, encryption of hard drives at our health host, regular audits of the ARS on conditions and approval.

Am I sure of the confidentiality of video-consultations?

We are in compliance with article R. 6316-10 of the decree n ° 2010-1229 relating to telemedicine. The highest recommendations in terms of security and confidentiality are taken into account.

How to be sure that this is a health professional?

Our network is made up of health professionals registered in their competent regulatory institutions, having signed a collaboration agreement. These professionals were all met individually by the director of DisMed: Michel Sistac, and were trained in the particularities of expatriation and the use of video-consulting equipment.


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