Speech therapist graduated from the Haute Ecole de Liège

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Graduate of the Haute Ecole de Liège (Belgium), I practice as a speech therapist since 2011.
I started my professional practice in Paris with babies, children and adolescents with trisomy 21 as well as children and teenagers with autism spectrum disorder.
I continued my activity in Paris and Rouen in a private practice as part of the management of oral language disorders (delay, articulation) and written language (dyslexia, dysorthography, comprehension, grammar), learning disorders, dysphasia, stuttering, autism, neurological disorders (stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s), after ENT surgeries, in patients of all ages. With great affection for patients in school dropout with whom I enjoy working to restore their confidence and envy.
Since 2017, I have been sharing my time between France and India where I have been confronted with an incredible multiculturality, as well as the wealth and difficulties that result. I then began to practice tele-speech in order to continue to practice this profession that I love so much.
I also continue to train in speech therapy (autism, social skills groups, grammatical spelling, language delay) but also in other areas, quite complementary to speech therapy:
– practice of therapeutic hypnosis with the French School of Hypnosis, to consolidate and enrich my skills in communication as well as in psychology, develop the listening of the other and the observation of its functioning (neuro-linguistic programming )
– Certified yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance USA, which allows the use of tools (even remotely!) such as breathing, mindfulness meditation for better attention and care in speech therapy in serenity.

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  • Session (30 min) : 60€
  • Speech therapy assessment : 150€