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I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Bordeaux in 1995 and have been working mainly in private practice ever since.
As an expatriate for 18 years, the wife of military personnel and mother of three children, I have had to
understand complex situations of access to care. That's why I've decided to join the Dismed telesoin program.

Working in the patient's daily environment and adapting to it as closely as possible is one of the opportunities offered by this follow-up. To offer holistic care, I work closely with the family, the school environment and other therapists or specialists.
Making the patient or parent an expert in the diagnosed difficulty or disorder is one of my priorities, in order to build confidence and support progress. In this sense, parental guidance is at the heart of my practice.

My many travels have led me to work and train in a wide variety of fields, with both adults and children. I am very attentive to scientific advances, particularly in the fields of ENT (adult and child implants), various types of bilingualism, posturology, and the fascinating executive functions (attention, memory, concentration, planning).

My level of conversational English enables me to accompany the family and interact with other caregivers in the patient's home.
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Speech Therapist






Parental guidance


Mental retardations

Oral language disorders

Written language disorders







Tubal rehabilitation

PDD / autism




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Dismed teleconsultation areas:

Speech therapy // Psychology // Occupational therapy // Graphotherapy // Orthoptics // Sophrology // Hypnotherapy // Personal development // Couple therapy // Neurology // Neuropsycholog // Midwifery // Oral communication // Vocal coaching // Tutoring // School guidance // Psychoanalysis // Pediatrics

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