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A midwife for 12 years, I first practiced my profession in France for 10 years (level 2 maternity hospital, then level 3) in various departments: delivery room, maternal-fetal pathology, post-natal care, orthogenics.
In 2022, I moved to Bangkok and offered my expertise to French expatriates: birth and parenthood preparation courses, prenatal singing, return visits from maternity leave, breastfeeding advice and perineal rehabilitation.
On this teleconsultation platform, I would like to accompany you during your pregnancy and after the birth:

- Birth preparation classes (1h30 per class):

1. Hygienic and dietary rules during pregnancy, reasons for emergency room visits, first approach to prenatal singing if desired.
2. Management of early labor (techniques, postures), progress of labor in the delivery room, different possible scenarios, second approach to prenatal singing if desired.
3. The vaginal delivery: positions, pushing, possible scenarios.
Caesarean section: procedure, reasons, consequences.
4. Breast-feeding or formula feeding (powdered milk given by bottle) according to your choice.
5. Maternity care for Mother and Baby.
Advice on childcare: baby care, equipment and sleeping.
6. Create an additional birth preparation session with the topics of your choice.

- Return home (allow 1 hour):

Now that you're home with your newborn, don't hesitate to contact me by teleconsultation so that we can review your baby's diet, his care and your postpartum period together.
I'm a real support for breastfeeding, giving you advice on childcare and answering your questions.

- Perineal reeducation (allow 40 min):

After childbirth or following discomfort (bladder weakness, heaviness, urges...), perineal re-education sessions enable you to become aware of your perineum, learn how to strengthen it with simple exercises adapted to each individual, and improve its functioning as part of the body as a whole.
It should be started 6 weeks after birth (whether by vaginal delivery or Caesarean section).
In 3 sessions (one a week for 3 weeks) I'll give you the keys to learning how to contract the different planes of your perineum and feel at ease with this area, which has been badly damaged during pregnancy.

Rates per consultation:

Birth preparation course: 70 euros
Return home: 50 euros
Perineal reeducation: 40 euros





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