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I've been an occupational therapist since 1994, and hold a French State Diploma, a Bachelor Occupational Therapist from the University of Wisconsin (2012), and a University Diploma on "Specific language and learning disorders: cognitive and pedagogical approaches" (2015).
I'm currently working in a private practice in Barcelona. I also worked for 5 years as a French as a Foreign Language teacher in Chicago in an American elementary school with students aged 4 to 12.
Teaching and rehabilitating learning disabilities in an international environment have been part of my daily life for over 20 years!

With 28 years of experience in pediatrics, I specialize in..:
- handwriting disorders
- gestural coordination disorders
- mathematical disorders (related to neurovisual disorders)
- organizational difficulties in ADHD children
- computer software to compensate for disorders (voice reading...),
voice dictation, caa etc)

The occupational therapist complements the speech therapist's work by assessing and re-educating the child's motor and cognitive deficits in activities of daily living, and proposing effective adjustments to compensate for these difficulties.

Why consult an occupational therapist?
- Does your child have learning difficulties?
- He's slow, clumsy, doesn't write well?
- Can't get his mathematical operations right?
- Is he inattentive or disorganized?

I analyze this "difficult" situation through detailed, validated assessments, and then find re-educational and re-adaptive solutions to remedy these difficulties, for example by using computers to compensate for dyslexia (voice reading, voice dictation, CAA, keyboarding, organizational aids, etc.).
Book a free 15-minute preliminary consultation to determine the occupational therapy assessment your child needs: DYSGRAPHY, COMPUTER DIAGNOSIS, Mathematical Cognition Assessment, Dyspraxia.

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