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What is orthoptics?

Eye rehabilitation. We have 2 eyes to see well. Each eye sees its
image. It is by merging the 2 images that we see simple and
the relief. An image may be perceived as blurred because the muscles are not working.
not correctly. Orthoptics is also indicated for the treatment of certain

Aspects of learning disabilities.

What I propose:

Orthoptics is essentially a face-to-face practice. So I put
developed a method using all the tricks at our disposal to make
teleconsultation. The range of exercises is varied and leads to
progress in mastering eye movements. I propose a
personalized treatment with adaptation according to the patient's progress.

For whom?

For school-age children, students and adults.

What kind of daily remediation?

A school-age child may have difficulty reading and may skip lines or
reading too fast or too slow. He may find it difficult to place himself in
space, objects are perceived disproportionately, his landmarks may be disrupted
The storage space is quickly overflowing ... In fact there may be a
vision problem, maybe his two eyes don't work together...

A student may have entire pages blurred, have difficulty concentrating, or

An adult may be embarrassed to drive in the evening or have a headache after a meal.
long stint in front of a computer screen.

My aim is to teach you how to use your eyes more effectively in all situations.

circumstances, because my experience has given me a better grasp of the difficulties
and their lack of care.

My career path

An orthoptist, I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Montpellier in 1983.
completed my training with internships at the Nantes hospital in the

Professor Quéré, specialist in Strabology, and at the Centre National d'Ophtalmologie
of 15/20 in Paris, as well as training in spatial disorders and
school difficulties in 2012.

I started working at Cholet Hospital, then in Bourges. I've been working
for 12 years in private practice in the Paris region and in a medical practice.

In 1985, over a period of 8 years, I offered school screening in various schools.
Finally, I worked in the AMD department at the Créteil intercommunal hospital, which gave me a better understanding of the difficulties experienced in cases of central vision loss and the need to develop peripheral vision.


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functional vision

spatial memory


visual neglect

neuro visual

spatial organization

concentration problems




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