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My name is Sandrine Baudeau, married for 26 years and mother of a 23-year-old boy and a 20-year-old girl, both born in Australia.
Like some of you, I've been an expatriate in several countries (USA, Australia, Malaysia, Italy) for over 17 years.
So I'm familiar with the hazards of expatriation: having to leave your habits, work and loved ones behind to live far from them, with the need to recreate a balanced life by adapting to the host country.
But expatriation is also an enriching experience.
On my return to France, I retrained as a humanist hypnotherapist and also trained in traditional Chinese medicine (in Malaysia), aromatherapy, stress management and physiognutrition.
For me, it was an obvious choice to pass on my training by accompanying those who feel shaken up in their lives, to guide them towards well-being and balance in body and mind.

Humanist hypnotherapy is one of the brief therapies, generally requiring 1 to 5 sessions for the same problem, and is based on the work of Jung.
It is considered a form of psychotherapy and coaching.

I propose to guide you through an inner journey full of symbols to find your deepest personal resources and transform yourself consciously. To do this, I'll help you decode the language of your unconscious.

I'll be your guide throughout the session, and YOU will remain the actor in your therapy.
So there's no loss of control; on the contrary, you'll be more aware of and in control of your natural mechanisms, your emotions, your learning, your qualities and your life.

I can help you regain your self-confidence, heal your childhood wounds to enable you to transform yourself internally so that this is seen externally as a mirror effect, to be able to assume your behavior without depending on what people think of you, to be able to say no if what is asked of you does not correspond to your values and to regain your self-esteem, feeling legitimate, feeling in your rightful place.
Caring for your inner child involves healing the wounds of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, humiliation and abuse, allowing them to heal and move forward in your adult life.

But I can also simply help you relax with a "hypnosis bath" relaxation session.
or learn to use the extraordinary tool of self-hypnosis.

I work with adults, teenagers and children aged 8 and over in French or English for all concerns related to stress, anxiety or anguish.

Hypnotherapy is not recommended for dissociative disorders (bi-polarity, schizophrenia...).

It does not replace medical treatment, but accompanies it.

If you'd like to find out more about my career, my coaching, humanist hypnosis and customer testimonials, please visit my website:






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