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I've been working with teenagers in private practice and online for over 15 years,
adults, couples and international companies (Morocco, France...),
Canada, Portugal). I help people get to know themselves better in order to better
be personally and professionally.

My approach is to help you calm your mind and awaken your spirit.
your capacity for awareness of your unconscious mechanisms - at the source of your
suffering or difficulties.


- Individual therapy is for people who want to take some time to
to step back from difficult life situations and find a way out of a difficult situation.
erroneous, limited or negative emotional and mental system.
- Sessions last 45 minutes and include discussions on
the situation, sharing knowledge to better understand the mechanisms
exercises in relaxation, breathing, mediation...depending on the type of activity.
needs and requests.
Burn out, Depression, Phobias, Anxiety-related disorders, Sleep disorders

- The couple is a "place" charged with emotions, expectations and fears projected onto the other person.
often lead to tense behaviour and poor communication.

- Couple therapy is aimed at couples who want to learn to
communicate differently and function on a more harmonious relational model.
- Sessions last 1 hour.
Conflict management, Non-violent communication, Parenting education

- The company is a place full of stress and challenges for both
and that employees who sometimes need a break, to clarify a situation
to express their needs, to emerge from conflict, to evolve, to re-establish a relationship
positive communication within their team or clearer values that respond to
company objectives...
- Sessions last 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the problem and the demand for
coaching and/or psychological support.
Change Management, Crisis Management & Assistance
psychological, Management.

Individual / couple therapy
Professional coaching




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