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Graduated in 1993 from the "Institut des Sciences et Techniques de la Réadaptation" in Lyon (France),
I've always worked in private practice, mainly with children, all of whom are confronted with difficult situations.
learning difficulties, whether they be structural disorders, such as Dys.
or psycho-affective disorders.
Accompany my "little" and "big" patients while respecting their uniqueness, their original part,
is essential for me.
This prompted me to question my practice, my posture as a therapist and my attitude to life.
the help I could give them to develop their skills and move beyond the
barrier of disability or "academic failure".

So, in parallel with the numerous speech therapy courses I have taken (oral language,
language, logic-mathematics, neurology), I turned to other disciplines.
I drew from it wonderful riches and developed an expanded vision of the person, more
close to "who she is", her feelings, her needs.
I was particularly moved by the humanist and positive foundations of Mental Management.
After several years of training, I became a Certified Practitioner in 2019 and
Certified Trainer in Mental Management in 2021 (LCE Formations - BELGIUM).
This "Means of Learning" pedagogy reveals and develops the potential of
each. It restores the child's true place as a "learner", while respecting his or her own personality.
and enriches its skills for a better understanding of the world.
The Mental Management approach is now an integral part of my speech therapy practice.

Faced with the questions of some young people, who wonder how to learn better, how to
and parents who want to help their children,
I also offer support in terms of methodology, organization and
homework help.
The notion of "Partnership" takes on its full meaning here, as we work together towards the
success and fulfillment, by recognizing and supporting the full potential that lies within our people.
So, to quote Antoine De La Garanderie, founder of Gestion Mentale:
"It's by giving students the intelligence of their means that we give them the means of their own.
intelligence "
I'd be delighted to accompany you...

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Mental retardations

Oral language disorders

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